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Online Training

The LMS makes it easy to upload your current PowerPoint files and turn them into a full featured training course with quizzes and result tracking.

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Train your employees
Save time and money by keeping your workforce in production longer. Train your employees individually from any internet accessible location.

Create unlimited users and groups
Create groups that match your own organizational structure and deliver targeted training to those groups.

Upload your own PowerPoints
Take the PowerPoint’s you already use for training and easily upload them to the website for conversion.

Create custom quizzes
Use our custom quiz creation system to easily create quizzes for your training modules. You can even include pictures and video within the questions.

Track training and export reports
Quiz results and training completions can easily be tracked and exported to Microsoft Excel, PDF, or emailed directly to an administrator.

View statistics
Keep track of employee training and problematic areas by viewing graphical representations of the quiz results.