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LMS Information


Other Features

One of the most obvious changes to the system will be the theme which should make it easier to access information. On top of that you will be required to enter a company name upon logging in. This will allow you to create more generic account names as they will be completely associated with only your company. So you can easily create an account called “admin”, if you wish.
On top of that we have
  • remember me option when logging in
  • active registration and invitation system using email and keys (which you can generate inside the lms)
  • course preview option
  • learners and courses can both be assigned multiple groups
  • location option for easy location based filtering and reporting
  • track activity on simple pages or quizzes (does not require a presentation – useful for toolbox talks or other short training)
  • ability to add multiple pages, quizzes, or presentations into a single course
  • simple private messaging feature to send messages to employee accounts
I’m also working to add lesson plans where a set of courses would be assigned in a specific order to an individual, and many other new features.