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New Themes & Upgrades

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New Themes & Upgrades

We’re beginning to roll out some updates to the learning management system. The first changes are all to the front end of the website. Within the next month or two we’ll also be rolling out some updates the learning management system itself. There will be quite a few upgrades and new features available.

First off the theme will change to something a bit more simple without any logos or advertising. Probably similar to this

Then there will also be some upgrades to the learning management system itself

  • Basic Scorm Support*
  • Track activity on pages and videos
  • Sequence courses with pages, quizzes, and presentations
  • Include multiple quizzes or presentations within a single course
  • Easier to use registration system and key system
  • Quick view graphs of score distributions
  • Quick view graphs showing the distribution of wrong answers per question of a quiz
  • Private messaging system

Some of the updates planned but not complete yet include

  • Manually enter course results for training outside of the lms
  • location options
  • Curriculum or learning path options
  • Hot spot and sortable question types

Plus many others. If you know of a feature that you would like to see implemented on the site, please message me with the details.

The bulk changes to the learning management system are not scheduled yet, but I will be sending out an email a week in advance of any major changes. I don’t foresee any difficulty or learning curve associated with the modifications. That said, I will try to make the system available to demo and evaluate a few days before everything changes over to avoid any disruption of training.



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